KickStart Free driving lessons with Mum

KickStart  20 hours free Driving lessons for all successful  KickStart  applicants. Comprehensive training package

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VIP Home Care Mum Aid First Aid
Visually Impaired First Aid from Mum Aid

Visually Impaired First Aid designed for sighted as well. Lessons for  schools and internationally                                      CLICK HERE 

VIP Home Care from #Mum Aid First Aid

 .#Nurses  also available for VIP Home care, from 2 hours per week. #VIPHomecare Your very own PA, because your worth it. #MumAidFirstAid Putting you as our #VIP the caring business.    CLICK HERE 

Say Hello to Gary

who will be attending 

all our Save a Babies Life

Party Plan.

Gary likes lots of cuddles

and loves honey

on his ice cream.


Home Care safety

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If you would like your own business with fantastic potential. What could be better than meeting new people, earning money, and saving lifes .

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CPR Both adult and Baby CPR -

Save a Babies Life. - Deffbrillator Training

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Save a babies life. Both party plan and workshops for new parents, friends and family.

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