VIP Personal Assistant 

First Aid and Save a babies life.


Affordable First Aid focussed on Children and Family.

Our mission is to save children's lives. We are also expanding into recruiting paediatric  nurses. We are about creating jobs with dedicated professional people to

provide for their own families. The harder our employees and franchisees work, the better they can provide for their own families.

VIP Home Care for loved ones, to ensure good wellbeing and help to create a warm happier life. We all deserve a little VIP treatment. We custom each VIP client to their individual wants. Enhanced DBS Checked with First Aid trained, to give the that added VIP cover.

Services included such as :-

  •  VIP Personal Assistant

  • Cleaning service for your home.

  • Personal shopper for  shopping trips.

  • Pick up shopping and treats.

  • Computer coaching to enhance skills.

  • Live In care available

  • VIP lunch out and short trips for our VIP clients.

  • Vouchers to meals out for our VIP Clients.

  • Prepare and cook meals.

  • Hospital discharge assistance

  • 24/7 on call service available.

  • Trips and events for our VIP Clients.


Offering baby First Aid Party Plan by enhanced DBS Checked fully Qualified

trainers. All participants will get a certificate of achievement.


We offer Paediatric First Aid Workshop Courses  for -


  • Basic First  2 hours 30 min

  • Paediatric Accredited Courses 6 Hours

  • Advanced Paediatric Accredited Courses for Child minders - Team Leaders - Nursery Managers - Government bodies responsible for children.

  • Hosting workshops for businesses in their venues for upto 20 staff at a time. Warm friendly professional staff will make it an enjoyable leaning experience. 


Recruiting nurses as we a apprenticeship paediatric nurses.


Creating jobs and a household brand that people can trusted.