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Mum Aid First Aid Tesla Innitiative

 Driving Lessons Initiative

Electric driving lessons initiative in Tesla cars, from Mum Aid First Aid.

Young person's Initiative 

During the extremely difficult times of covid, we initiated a Kickstart pilot to encourage and support young people to engage in a life-changing skill to enhance their employability. There were challenges from extreme delays in processing provisional licenses.  Extreme delays in theory tests. etc etc

However, as a result of an extremely challenging time, we are proud to announce a proposed sustainability initiative. Electric car driving lessons to promote sustainability in reducing carbon footprint.

Achieving the lifelong skill to have a driving license. To get a job in with a sustainability employer reducing carbon footprint. Driving electric cars for home and work. To prepare our next generation for a carbon-free world. To cement the UK as a world leader in reducing carbon footprint.

From what we have learned we are proud to announce the following.

  • Provisional Driving Licence Application support. This is to that applications are filled out correctly. It is so easy to make a small mistake and delay and get it rejected. 

  • Theory test. New practical theory test workshop. 80% fail on the first theory test. The workshop will focus on how you structure tor learning and how to prepare for the actual theory test. Just the stress of the actual test can lead to failing your theory test.

  • Training centre with a private car park. This will be setup with small traffic cones to practise spacial awareness. Reverse parking, Parallel parking etc. This is essential as practise breeds confidence.

  • Electric Driving Lessons in a Tesla car. We have chosen a Tesla because of its hi-tech software which is continuously updating.  Tesla the best electric car with the best training for the next generation. 

  • Driving Test Workshop. This is a practical workshop that helps you prepare for your driving test. This inspires confidence which = passing first time.

  • Company job placements. Employability is key. We have connections with many major employers to get jobs directly from this initiative. 

This is subject to the applicant meeting criteria. Ask for details


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Tel Ric 07761950724


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