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Nightingale Drones

The Florence Nightingale of Drones 

Protecting Buildings and Assets.

Hospitals, Shelters, Power Stations, Communications, Transport Hubs,

Command and Control. Police Stations.

Military Assets. All assets as required.

Experts in the art of Misdirection.

Velter Drone Brigade.

Technical Tethered Nightingale Drone

TECHNICAL DATA Micro-tether length 100 m - 330 Ft Micro-tether weight Available in 16 g/m, 20.5 g/m, 26 g/m Output voltage 6S, 12S Power output Up to 2200 W continuous 230 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 4kW min Power source requirement 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3 kW min Tensile strength 120 to 150 daN (270 to 337 lbs) Micro-tether management 10 pre-sets, smart pre-programmed laws, reset function Secure dual comms BPL & optional Fiber Optics Wifi connectivity Frequency 2.4 GHz - 5 GHz Encryption WEP/TKIP/AES, security WPA/WPA2 Operational temperature-20 to 50° C (-4° to 120° F) Altitude max 4000 MSL (13 000 ft) Rugged structure IP54 certified Vehicle integration Ready for integration with mounting plates Total weight 22 kg - 48,5 lbs Dimensions 414 x 670 x 260 mm (16'' x 26'' x 10'') (without feet) T-manager - remote control Control of power, torque, winch and alarms settings T-manager - monitoring Winch temperature, speed and length, power consumption, alarms value.

  1.  Tethered Drones will have preset multiple deploy modes upto 100. These will deflect, confuse, misdirect attacking drones.

  2. Drones will be disguised with innovative deflect materials attached to drones and tethers. Disguise and misdirect/

  3. Dummy Nightingale Drones will be deployed on non essential buildings to mis direct.

  4. Lasers attached to selected drones as part of defensive posture.

                                   Nightingale mark 2 will have the following additional features                      

  1. Tether release and return. This will enable drones to detach and return to enable additional duties

  2. Facial Recognition to identity and record

  3. Night Vision for added security.

  4. First Aid with live drone doctor

  5. Fetch and carry to resupply in the field or resupply building complex.

  6. Nightingale Mother Drones to recharge drones in air with new charging technology.

  7. Live Tracking Devices to all drones except mis direction drones. You will be able top track all non active and active drones throughout the world. You could track 250.000 drones giving vital intel on exact location. Especially those captured or stolen by hostile forces. With our Misdirection strategies you can imagine the advantages.


Mark 3 Nightingale Drones

AI Nightingale Drones 

Velter Drone Brigade are able to deploy into Ukraine and deploy all Nightingale Drones. 


With Velter Drone Giga Factories we can mass produce different formats of Nightingale Drones,  to deploy to protect British Assets and those in Ukraine and NATO. With our ever upgrading drones we can adapt and upgrade instantly, on our British Made Drones. ​

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