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PPE Visor Mum Aid First Aid

PPE Visor from Mum Aid First Aid


 Manufactured in England #MumAidFirstAid for our #VIPHomeCare Team Now available for the caring public. PPE 01 Face Shield is also worn by HealthCare Professionals to protect the face from liquid splashes and bodily fluids when treating infectious patients. 
3 piece design comprising of PETG clear face shield, LDPE adjustable head strap and forehead infill to prevent particles/contamination being transmitted downwards/vertically.  Easy assembled in seconds. 
Single use or can be cleaned and re-used multiple times 
Visor is 1.5mm thick  can be cleaned/sterilised (gamma/ETO/e-beam) or single use. The LDPE can also be Gamma/ETO gas treated. 
Visor shield, adjustable head strap and infill are all injection moulded from production 

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