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KickStart Free driving lessons with Mum

Kick Start from Mum Aid First Aid

Successful KickStart  applicants

  1. DBS Enhanced Check

  2. Theory test practical workshops

  3. Theory test paid

  4. Driving lessons 20 hours

  5. Paediatric First Aid

  6. First Aid at work

  7. Manual handling

  8. Basic kitchen Hygiene

  9. Meet and greet clients

  10. Communications skills

  11. CV skills and interview skills

. Must be referred by DWP jobcentre, ask for details.

Email :

Tel Ric 07761950724


Mum Aid First Aid Lorry driving lessonsJPG

Kick Start Lorry Driving Training

Successful KickStart  applicants

Once you have passed your care driving test with support from Mum Aid First Aid we will -


 test. Once theory test has been passed we will provide  driving lessons

  1. To start with van driving lessons for safety and confidence driving a transit van. This is invaluable skill that once mastered we can embark on obtaining an HGV licence

  2. Lorry experience. We will partner you with an experienced lorry driver to sit and observe life on the road as a lorry driver. 

  3. Lorry CPC training will be given while experiencing life on the road of a lorry driver.

  4. Encouraging women lorry drivers to join the sector will be promoted through senior schools and DWP. 

  5. Lorry training lessons to start on private land and we progress through to HGV test

  6. Job placement with employers will be signed up with employers while training.

  7. DBS Enhanced Check

  8. Paediatric First Aid

  9. First Aid at work

  10. Manual handling.

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