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More than a Franchise.

Be an ambassador.


Become a Mum Aid First first aid Ambassador and join our mission to save babies lifes.

More than a Franchise


  • Our unique concept, Keeping children safe by knowing how to react.

  • Baby Mannequin

  • Our workshops and party plan's actually save lives.

  • Computer generated sole territory with exclusive rights to run under the Mum Aid First Aid trademark.

  • 50 Posters - 1000 Fliers

  • Exhibiltion Pop up Banner

  • Gary. Maskot and First Aid Box.                   

  • Ongoing support and meetings with active involvement into the growth of the company.

  • 3  x Uniform Blouse / Tea Shirt 

  • Pop Up Exhibition Banner

  • 250 Business Cards

  • Exhibition Table Cloth

  • Dedicated Webpage

  • Facebook Page

  • Twitter

  • Ask for details CLICK HERE

As a Mum Aid First Aid Ambassador you would :-


  • Manage your Mum Aid First Aid business on your exclusive territory of equal potential to other Franchisees in the UK.

  • Source all venues for classes and manage venue costs.

  • Teach Mum Aid First Aid for all within this territory.

  • Offer workshops and party plan in your territory.

  • Manage any staff you employ for your Mum Aid First Aid business, for example Mum Aid First Aid Instructors.

  • Market and advertise your Mum Aid First Aid business (grass roots marketing/magazine advertising)


Does this describe you

  • Warm and friendly

  • An Entrepeneur

  • Ambitious with a will to succeed

  • Wanting to earn mega bucks

  • Lead by example

  • A manager of people

  • loves children

  • Networking type of person

  • willing to learn and explore new opportunities

  • Have a ZEST for life.




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