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 Spitty Rescue Drones

Ambulance Rescue Drones

Multi Purpose from minor injuries to major incident emergencies.

Rescue Swarm .jpg

R&D Investing in AI Rescue drones along with human-dispatched rescue drones. 

We aim simply to deploy up to 50,000 drones to attend to all types of incidents. With a whole host of small and large drones, we can save a huge amount of lives.


Non-emergency callouts  can wait upto 3 hours for an ambulance, We can attend within minutes with our experts on hand with our Doc cam and equipment. Without immediate attention can lead to hospital admittance and further decline. 


  Our plan is to attend to emergencies within minutes thus preventing pressure on hospitals and emergency services.

Spitty Drone support examples. Heart Attack delivering AED with advice - Stabbing incidents delivering First Aid with our Doctor Cam -  Car incidents - Sea rescue deploying life belts - Delivery of emergency supplies -  

Major incidents drones including crowd control, Heat Sensors, Load speakers, First Aid, AED, Water, and thermal blankets

Spitty Drone Casualty Rescue, individuals can be rushed to the hospital with our large Casualty Drones. Supporting Air Ambulance Helicopters.

Contact us for details

Ric 07761950724

Gary with Rescue Drone.jpg

 Gary to the Rescue

Gary with his Spitty Doc Cam to the Rescue

Protecting you and your family. Mum Aid First Aid we care.

Spitty AED Rescue

Spitty AED Rescue

Direct to casualty with life saving equipment

Supported with our Live Spitty Doc Cam

Spitty Life Jacket

Sea Rescue Drone

Supporting Sea Rescue in all emergencies

Rapidly deployed with life saving equipment with live 2 way speakers to advice in situ

Spitty Drone Doc
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