VIP Personal Assistant

Personal; assistants for our VIP Clients.

VIP Personal Assistant is us being able to help you with your daily tasks you may not want to do.. Such as domestic cleaning, Laundry, ironing etc We will be your personal assistant for many tasks. Computer and mobile basics are very popular. Be your personal shopping on shopping trips. Arrange VIP lunches for you and your friends. So So much more.

We aim to give the best of the best as your PA.

Services included such as :-

  •  VIP Personal Assistant

  • Cleaning service for your home.

  • Personal shopper for  shopping trips.

  • Pick up shopping and treats.

  • Computer coaching to enhance skills.

  • Dog Walking

  • Business personal assistant.

  • Vouchers to meals out for our VIP Clients.

  • Prepare and cook meals.

  • Hospital discharge assistance

  • 24/7 on call service available.

  • Trips and events for our VIP Clients.


                 We are available 7 days a week for our VIP Clients.​

                          Please call Ric in 07761950724


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